Eagles Class 2019 2020

Easter Activity Book
Over the holiday, the teachers will not be setting any work for you. However, if you would like to do something, you might like to try some of the activities in this Easter Activity book. This is not homework and it is not part of your daily learning, its just a collection of fun activities that you might like to try, if you're looking for something to do during the break. Have a Happy Easter!
Mrs Goodchild
Eagles Class - Home Learning
Prior Home Learning and Resources
Below are the home learning tasks for previous days.
You can also find here extra resources and information that I posted to support your home learning.
WANT SOMETHING EXTRA? Remember you also have the pack of extra work sent home last week AND most of you have the CGP Study Guides from Revision Club which you can use.
Tuesday 24th March
Morning Eagles! Sorry I am slightly later than Mrs Goodchild with the work for today.  
I would like you to start a project about Lent and Easter today. 
Step 1: Make a list of all the different Lent and Easter traditions you can think of, both world traditions and those closer to home. Write them on post it notes or slips of paper if you can. 
Step 2: Sort the traditions into those which you think are Christian, and those which you think are not religious at all. 
Step 3: Decide on two from each list. Use the internet to research the origins of these traditions and make notes.  You will need these notes for next week's lesson to complete the project! 
Try and find an easy round to teach your family. If you play instruments, try performing the round on instruments. If you don't try singing the round instead. You can find lots of You Tube clips of people performing rounds to join in with. Maybe you can try to perform a round with your friends using online group apps if you have them set up. 
Eagles Class - Home Learning
Art Activities
Following on from the learning that Mme Reynard set you for art this week, she has created a list of activities that you might like to do, at any time! Please click on the link below for ideas and activities for you to try at home!
Eagles Class - Home Learning
PE Ideas
For those of you who want some PE ideas, beyond Joe Wicks, look at the booklet pdf below!
Eagles Class - Home Learning
French Learning at Home
Mme Reynard has provided some resources to help with French learning and practise at home. Please see the pdfs below.
Eagles Class - Home Learning
Home Points
Whilst you are at home, you can earn 'Home Points' for good behaviour, helping with chores AND for working on your home learning. Three Home Points will be worth one House Point once we are back in school; even though you are at home, you can still support your House Team! How many Home Points can you earn?
See the pdf below for a copy of the Home Points record card.
Eagles Class - Home Learning
Reading at Home
The most important thing you can do whilst we are learning at home is to KEEP READING! Below is a list of recommended reads (by Pie Corbett) that you might like to try if you are stuck for ideas! I've also added some links to other resources/websites which might be of interest to help support AND keep you reading at home.
Eagles Class - Home Learning
Please find below answer sheets and booklets to some of the work which was sent home in the pink folders.
Eagles Class - Spring Term information
Class Assembly
Eagles led a brilliant assembly where we found out about the theory of evolution and inheritance; Mayan culture; cubism and Picasso; and great adventurers. They finished with a performance of Pachelbel's Cannon arranged for recorders, piano, clarinet, oboe and violin. Check out their performance below.