Pupil Premium Pupils

In addition to general school funding, Frieth CEC Primary School receives a Pupil Premium grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled over the last five years, and for any Looked After Children.

From April 2020, the school will receive £1,345 for every eligible pupil. There is also a separate Service Premium of £310 per pupil for children with parents in the Armed Forces. If you are a low income family and you believe you may qualify for pupil premium funding, please contact the school office. We can do a simple, quick check for you using your National Insurance number.

Every school is legally required to formally report how this funding has been used and the outcomes that have been achieved. Each year, we report on the amount of pupil premium allocation, a summary of the main barriers to learning faced by eligible pupils in the school and how we will measure the impact on the pupils. As a school, we analyse data to identify the barriers to learning, put plans in place to address these barriers, measure the impact on pupil welfare and progress, and use this analysis to plan the best use of the money received.

At Frieth CEC Primary School, we have very small numbers of children who are eligible for the funding. Because of this, we are careful to avoid giving out any information which could lead to the identification of particular children in our report. Our information is therefore general.

Pupil premium money received has been used to provide small group interventions, nurture groups and additional learning support. We also use the money to support disadvantaged pupils to attend enrichment clubs, visits and activities that may not be otherwise accessible. 

For more details of our spending, please see the report below:

If you believe you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please see the form below.