Useful tips for left-handers
  • Left-handers must sit on the left-hand side of a table or be seated next to another left-hander to avoid bumping and should rest their left forearm on the desk.
  • Left-handers should hold the pencil far enough away from the tip so they can see what they have just written.
  • As with right-handers, the paper should slope in line with the left forearm and, as writing is completed down the page, the paper must be moved away from the body in the same line. The aim is to keep the left arm in the same position to avoid the elbow being cramped by the chest.
  • During writing, the right hand should control the movement of the page. The left hand should be below the writing line to avoid smudging and to give a clear view of what is being written.
  • As with right-handers, correct grip needs to be encouraged and good underlying motor skills will support development of good handwriting.