History of Frieth Church of England School

Frieth Church of England School opened its doors in 1865.   Church of England Schools, whilst rooted in Christianity were not set up to teach children 'faith' or to convert children to Christianity; the purpose was simply to provide education and opportunities for all the children in the parish. The concept o f inclusion is therefore not new to Frieth School which is dedicated to the best opportunities and education for all pupils.  
The history of Frieth School is represented throughout the year with many traditional events that have taken place over the decades, including the event we now know as the 'Summer Queen Festival' 
In 2015 the school celebrated its 150th anniversary with a pop up history archive, a special 'Summer Queen' and some amazing individual history projects by the pupils.  Many past pupils and staff came to join the school to help celebrate and keep the history very much alive. 
For more information on the History of the school and of the village, please visit http://www.friethhistory.org/