School Uniform Provider

"My Clothing" School Uniform Provider

You can order approved school uniform items online.

The benefits to you and the school: 

  • Direct delivery to your home address on all embroidered products 
  • You can raise money for the school by simply buying uniform! 
  • The school will earn 5% commission on every uniform item bought online. This will be spent on resources and activities for the children.

Further Information

The items will be embroidered in the UK and delivered to your home, within 14 days. The uniform items are high quality and adhere to the ethical trading initiative.

There is no obligation to shop with MyClothing for any other products. You can continue to purchase non embroidered items of uniform (such as trousers, shorts, dresses, skirts, jogging bottoms) from any other school uniform supplier.

We are proud of our logo and Royal Blue uniform and therefore, haven’t made any changes. We have however introduced some additional items such as an embroidered school polo shirt, cap, hoodie and hat.

Our School Uniform Guide

We have updated our uniform guide and a copy is on the school website.

Please use it as a guide to check that your child is wearing the approved uniform for school and PE activities.

How to use this service and order uniform:

It really is very easy if you follow these steps;

1. Visit

2. You will now see our school uniform page and all of the school approved items you can buy

3. Select the items that you wish to purchase and choose the quantity and sizes, then add them to your basket

4. Pay easily with debit or credit card at the checkout