Frieth School Curriculum

At Frieth we believe that pupils learn best when they are inspired by imaginative and creative activities and learning opportunities. We have developed a creative, flexible and challenging curriculum for our school which not only incorporates all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, but also includes areas of study which we believe will inspire our pupils and has our community and our values within its heart. We plan a cross curricular approach where pupils are able to use skills from one area of the curriculum to advance their learning in another area.
Our Curriculum aims to provide our pupils with a breadth of opportunities in and outside the classroom. All children can expect to go on one class trip per term, providing them with practical memories and experiences of the subject or topic they are studying. Forest school is also a key part of the school curriculum and is paramount in promoting self-esteem, creativity, confidence and independence. It also provides opportunities for kinaesthetic learners and those pupils with stronger practical than academic skills to excel, become leaders and flourish. We also offer theme weeks three times per year including Maths, Science, Sports, Eco and Celebrating Multicultural Britain Week which offer enrichment experiences beyond the norm in school. In offering these educational challenges, we are providing as many opportunities for children to ‘Let Their Light Shine’ and show their unique qualities and talents. We are all successful in different ways: some of us are brilliant writers, some are superb mathematicians, some are super scientists, and some are fantastic musicians, artists, designers, historians, geographers, sports people, and dancers. The purpose of our curriculum is to enable our pupils to shine their amazing light to the world so we can all 'see the good things' they do. 
In the Autumn term 2020, we began the process of reviewing our curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose for our current pupils. Staff met together with representative parents and governors to discuss what we all believed the children at Frieth needed to learn during their time with us. We considered elements arising from our local area and trades, such as the high incidence of farming, as well as life skills that we felt would benefit our children. Our school values, outdoor learning and their health and well-being were all areas we wanted to remain a strong focus.
See the sections below as our curriculum develops. Additional pages will be added as subject plans are completed. These show the progression of knowledge and skills for each year group as children move through the school, deepening their understanding of each area of learning. 

The Primary National Curriculum is the framework used at Frieth CEC School to ensure that the curriculum we offer is broad and balanced.  The current statutory Primary National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014. It sets out:

  • The subjects taught.
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject and within each Key stage.
  • Standards or attainment targets in each subject that teachers can use to measure a child's progress and plan their future learning.

The National Curriculum is organised into blocks of years called 'Key Stages'.  The subjects within the 2014 National Curriculum are:






Design and Technology



Art and Design


Physical Education

Modern Foreign Languages


At Frieth we teach the objectives in the National Curriculum through a topic approach, where we add additional 'cultural capital' to our offer.
For more information on our curriculum please contact the school office and ask to speak to Martin Gosling (Headteacher).