E-safety - Keeping safe online

Home Learning and E-safety
Now we are spending most of our time at home and we are using online resources more, it is really important to remember our internet safety rules. 
Can you remember everything you have been taught about staying safe online in class? The links to 'Think You Know' e-safety activities below will help you to remember what we have learnt in school and give you great advice to keep yourself and others safe online.
There are also some new links to advice posters on how to be kind online and top tips for distance learning. 
Maybe you could create a poster for a 'Top Tip' for e-safety to put on your wall at home while you are learning.
Don't forget there are lots of people you can talk to if you are worried or concerned and you can use the links to the NSPCC and Childline below. 
Frieth School Pupils’ Internet Code of Practice
I will only use the internet when supervised by a teacher or adult.
I will log off when I have finished using the computer.
I know that my teacher can check the sites I have visited.
I understand that I can access only sites and materials relevant to my work in school.
I understand that I will not be able to use the Internet if I don’t use it as expected by my teacher.
I know that information on the Internet may not always be reliable.
I know that the Headteacher can monitor the contents of my e-mail messages.
I will never tell anyone I meet on the Internet where I live.
I will never send anyone my picture.
I will never arrange to meet anyone in person.
I will never respond to unpleasant, suggestive or bullying e-mails or bulletin boards and I will always report it to a teacher or parent.
I will not use e-mail to send or encourage material which is inappropriate, illegal, offensive or annoying or invades another person’s privacy.
I will not look for bad language or unpleasant images while I am online.  I will turn off the monitor and tell a teacher or parent if I think something I come across accidentally is inappropriate.
I will always be myself and will not pretend to be anyone or anything I am not.
I know that the posting of anonymous messages and the forwarding of chain messages is not allowed.
I may not download anything from the Internet.