ECO Council

Welcome to ECO Council!
Before Christmas a representative from each class was voted onto the ECO Council. Congratulations to:
Year 6 - Celtie Bater
Year 5 - Zara Killington
Year 4- Imogen Bater
Year 3 - Alyvia Sayles
Year 2 - Jamie Stone
Year 1 - Amelia McCloud
At our first meeting we decided to focus initially on making our school more ECO friendly. 
We discussed easy ways of saving energy around the school such as turning off lights in empty classrooms, closing doors to keep in the heat, turning down radiators rather than opening windows in classrooms if its too warm. We put up signs around the school to remind staff and children to turn off lights and switches around the school. 
Our next mission is to make sure that each classroom has enough bins for recycling paper and plastics and to ensure that they are clearly labelled. 
Jamie Stone had the great idea of creating an Energy Squad in Years 5 and 6 to be responsible for switching off lights and closing doors around the school at breaks and lunchtimes. 

ECO Schools

 Frieth School is registered as a Eco School and is currently working towards the Green Flag Award.

Our School Council are in the process of carrying out an Environmental Review to decide which three topics to focus on this year.

Once the results are collated they will inform the school about what they have discovered and display a copy on the Eco-Board.

 Frieth School will be taking part in the One Week UK Campaign. This is what the organisers say:
"One Week is a chance for all of us to effect real change through the power of unified action. We will be encouraging everyone in the country to go above and beyond to save as much energy as possible  one week. The idea behind One Week means that, if large numbers of people come together in the knowledge that others are doing their bit, we can make a huge and immediate impact on the biggest issues we face today."
In  Assembly we discussed what we could do at school and at home. At school we decided we could:
  • Turn off lights in the classroom unless they were absolutely needed.
  • Help Energy Squad by making sure we all close doors and turn off lights in empty classrooms.
At home we discussed we could:
  • Remind parents to turn off appliances off at the plug overnight.
  • To have a shower rather than a bath .
  • Use screens for 15 minutes less each day.
The fact that we’ve lost 38 million birds from UK skies In the last 50 years we have lost 38 million birds from the UK skies.  This underlines that nature is in crisis. In our own back gardens  house sparrows are struggling and starlings are undergoing a severe decline. As a conservation charity, our Birdwatch results will  help monitor how our UK birds are faring in the face of the nature and climate emergency.