Frieth Falcons After School Child Care

Free Flow Activities
Every day in Frieth Falcons there will be access to the following regular activities:
Homework Hub:  A space for pupils to complete homework in a quiet area. 
Reading Area:    For those that just can't put their book down! 
Board Games:     Our most popular games and some brand new ideas for family games!
Puzzles:              Jigsaws and puzzle books for those that enjoy a brain workout! 
Frieth Falcons Tea Time 
Every day the pupils in Frieth Falcons will be provided with a healthy light afternoon tea. The aim is not to provide a main meal, but to provide a light snack to keep them going until collection time. 
During tea time pupils will be encouraged to help set the table, sit together, demonstrate good table manners, work as a team to pass food safely around the table as well as providing a time for child led, unstructured conversations with the pupils and staff. 
The menu has been created with the help of the pupils and is published below. The menu may be  subject to change as we become more familiar with the numbers of pupils and their tastes. 
Frieth Falcons First Bake! 
We made a birthday cake for one of our Falcons today!
Happy Birthday! 
Mrs Lesley Ansell

After-School Faciliator