Owls class

Welcome to Owls class page!
We are delighted that Miss Catherine Holt has now joined the staff as the full time class teacher.  The teaching assistants are Mrs Bryan, Miss Hearn and Mrs Barker. Art is taught by Mrs Ansell. Our whole school topic this term is 'Monsters'. 
Important Documents
Here you can find updated termly curriculum letters, timetables and other important information for Owls class.

17th May 2018

Year 1 Owl’s homework for this week will be to research the Royal wedding.

They can present their work in any way they wish such as:

  •          pictures from newspapers as a scrap book,
  •          written recount of events,
  •          drawings or paintings
  •          fact files of Prince Harry or Meghan Markle
  •          models of the carriage or church.  

Next week we will making our own news reports about the event and how people have celebrated the special occasion.

High Frequency Words
Within each phase of phonics there are key 'High Frequency Words' every child should know by the time they finish year 2.  The PDF documents below have the high frequency words linked to phase 2 and phase 3 on flashcards for you to download and practice with your child at home. The phase 5+ high frequency words are as a list and follow on from phase 2 and 3. 
Fun ideas to help your child at home: 
  • Practise writing the HFW on the bathroom tiles during bath time using bath crayons
  • Make up lots of bubbles on a tray (or use shaving foam) and practise writing the HFW with their finger. 
  • Print and cut out the flashcards and turn into a memory game
  • Play 'Kims Game' with a group of cards, removing one each time - which one is missing? 
We have been reading 'Dear Zoo' and 'The Jolly Postman' in Owls and Buzzards. If you don't have the book at home, you can find the stories on the following youtube links:
As part of STEM week, Owls made a balloon powered rocket to travel across the hall
People Who Help Us
The children had a wonderful time meeting local vet Mrs Clare David and her adorable helpers, Bluebell the dog, and Supergirl and Comet the Guinea Pigs.
Big Art
Weaving in our outdoor area!
Science and Music
We used lots of different materials to make junk instruments. We tried out the different sounds we can make with real instruments and then tried to make some of our own! 
We have been learning about word processing and using the keyboards on the laptops and the interactive whiteboard.
Guided Reading Time
Every day we have Guided Reading time. We work in groups. Depending on the day, one group reads with Mr Honey or Ms Guerard, one group reads with Mrs Bryan, Mrs Hearne or Mrs Barker, one group reads independently, one group changes their books and the fifth group have handwriting exercises. 
We are training the children to change their own books, so that they can choose books they want to read and are interested in. Sometimes they may want to choose a book they have read before because they enjoyed it the first time they read it, in just the same way that they might watch a film again, or play a computer game again. this encourages a love of reading and reinforces the high frequency words or the phonic sounds they are learning in school. 
We also have volunteer readers in nearly every day to try and ensure that the children have as many opportunities to read with an adult as possible. If you would like to become a volunteer reader, we would love to hear from you, especially if you have any time available on a Monday afternoon! 
The children had great fun using their imagination to travel through space to all the planets in our univers, finding out about their climates and meeting a strange alien professor on the way!
Outdoor Learning
No matter the weather, the children in Owls class enjoy exploring the learning opportunities in the outdoor environment. From den building, painting, mark making and maths opportunities, being outside is always so much fun!