Meet the PTA Committee

We are your PTA committee. We are dedicated to raising vital funds for Frieth CEC School. We all have different backgrounds, however, we have one thing in common. We strive for the success of our school and the best education/experience for all our pupils at Frieth CEC.

Although, we are a strong committee, with defined roles, we also rely on volunteering parents, to ensure good things happen for our school. As a parent at Frieth CEC school, you automatically are a PTA member on our team.

We would therefore,  like to thank all members, for all you do. Whether, it’s designing posters, selling lollies, event co ordinating, serving refreshments, bringing ideas, attending events or meetings, baking or simply supporting a mufti day. Our school wouldn’t have the resources or our children the fun they have, without the support of PTA members and committee. We thank you for your continued support.

Please feel free to contact any of us, or speak to any of us at school, with regards to volunteering in any capacity. PTA is a great team to be part of and very rewarding. We welcome your ideas and look forward to hearing from you. 

Chair Abigail Morris

I have sons in Year 4 and in year 2. I am heavily involved with Marlow FM radio station.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you, please find me to say hello! 

Vice-Chair - Sarah Hunt

Hello, I’m Sarah – mother of Hannah (Kites) and Lottie (Kestrels). I am often at pick up with our gorgeous dog Indie.

 I have been involved with the PTA ever since Hannah joined Frieth in Reception, however this is my first official role!

 A little bit about me when I am not working/doing mummy business.  I love being creative and have a passion for sewing. I also enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside that surrounds Frieth whilst taking the dog for a walk.  I am Primary school teacher working part time. I have worked at my current school in Bucks for 15 years. I am currently teaching Year 2.  With my  ‘teacher hat’ on  I realise the importance of having a strong, pro active PTA. The money raised by the PTA goes straight to the children, enriching their learning and provided additional learning experiences.  It is with this aim in mind that I have step up to role of Vice Chair. We are very lucky to have lots of supportive parents at Frieth.  I look forward to working with you all and the new committee, carrying on the great work of the previous committee continuing to raise valuable funds for our wonderful school.  We have lots of fabulous PTA events at Frieth School, but we very much welcome new ideas.  I look forward to meeting you all and seeing you at PTA meetings and events.

Secretary - Simon Freedman

Simon Freedman - Secretary

Simon has a son in Year 6 and works in the Health Care Industry.

Treasurer – Alex Sayles

Alex Sayles is a father of 2 daughters in Yr 2 and Yr 4. Having previously worked in the music industry, he now runs a family business in Medmenham where he lives and works.