Parent Representatives

Each class in school has a Class Representative. Being a Class Rep is an important and rewarding role. Class Representatives help build a sense of community among the parents, and they provide a valuable link between the parents and the school.


The role of the Class Representative is to provide a link between the class teacher and the parents. It is a collaborative role that supports the teaching and learning within the classroom, is supportive of the class teacher and the school, whilst also enabling the parents to have a voice within the school. Fundamentally, the role of the Class Representatives is to work towards the common goal of developing every child’s potential without limitations. 

The Class Reps for 2021 - 2022 are:
Owls class:        Kirsten Smith
Buzzards Class:   Clare David
Kestrels Class:    TBC
Kites Class:       Claire Sayles
Eagles Class:     Laura Webb