July 2018 Leaver's Parent Consultation

July 2018
We surveyed parents of all pupils who were leaving Frieth School to move on to other school settings, both primary and secondary.  The response rate was 32%. These are the results of the survey.

100% Yes, their child enjoyed their time at Frieth school

100% Yes, they would recommend Frieth school to other local families


What does Frieth school do best?

“Provide and Safe and Nurturing environment for each child to grow and develop whilst re enforcing the importance of Manners and being a good person”

“Provide a caring and supportive environment for education”

“Caring happy environment”

“Focusses on individual child and helps them to make the best of themselves”

“Community and caring sharing values”

“Development of PSHE”

“Provides a safe friendly, wellrounded education, always aiming to improve, putting pupils first”

“Very Nurturing and gives Children Confidence”

“Providing a wonderfully inclusive, caring and welcoming environment”

 What could we improve?

“Given the resources you have, not a lot”


“I would like to see communication improved so that both parents are taken into account. Many times I was not included as letters did not reach me, so I felt I missed out. This improved in recent years with more information on-line”

“School dinners says [name]”

“Stretch and challenge so children meet full potential”

“Identifying earlier where children may need support with a particular subject”

 Any other comments

“ Fantastic school and teachers”

“[child] has had a very happy time. She’s loved all of her teachers and enjoyed every year.”

“I would like to thank all the teachers, assistants, staff and leaders that made my son's time unforgettable and successful at Frieth”

“They’ve had a great start to education in a sheltered, safe environment and they’ll always look back on Frieth with affection”

“They’ve grown into lively young people. Well spoken, considerate, loyal, Christian. Academically could have achieved more”

“She will be sad to leave and has cherished her time there”

“They have really enjoyed it; felt very supported and pushed to achieve their best. Great teaching!”

“The boys loved Frieth school and ran into school every day”