January 2014

Parent Consultation Analysis

January 2014


This survey was sent out at the beginning of the January term, on the arrival of a new Headteacher, Mrs Reid. 38 of our families responded to our survey which represents   41% of the parent body.

Areas of success

The overwhelming majority of parents who responded to the survey agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • Their child enjoys coming to Frieth (98%)
  • The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved (92%)
  • There are good standards of behaviour at Frieth (97%)

The large majority of parents agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • Their child is safe in school (89%)
  • Their child makes good progress in school (79%)
  • Their child is taught well in school (76%)
  • Their child is encouraged to work hard and do their best (82%)
  • The school communicates with parents effectively (89%)
  • Their child receives an appropriate amount of homework for their age (77%)
  • They would recommend Frieth to another family (89%)

45% of parents said the school dealt with bullying effectively whilst 50% said they did not know. This demonstrates that most parents have not had any dealings with behaviour management in school but those that have are in agreement with the school’s record.

Areas for further development

Whilst the survey showed that the majority of parents who responded agreed with the following statements, a significant percentage of parents disagreed and therefore these are areas for further development:

  • The school provides good feedback about children’s progress
  • The parents’ know the targets their children are working towards
  • The children enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities


Additional Questions feedback


1/ Volunteering in school

45% of parent who responded already volunteer on a regular basis in school, supporting with reading, clubs, DT and the library.

2/ Frieth Contribution Fund

55% of parents who responded already contributed to the fund, 35% do not contribute and 10% did not answer. 

Reasons given for contributing included:

  • Able to see the benefits to the pupils
  • To ensure smaller class sizes
  • A good way to help the school
  • Believe in discrete teaching
  • The government leave small village schools short changed
  • A thank you to the school
  • A desire to help the school give all pupils the best possible education


Reasons given for not contributing included:

  • Too much pressure from school to contribute
  • Already contribute towards the PTA and school events
  • External financial pressures
  • Should be enough funding from the Local Authority to provide the teaching
  • Morally disagree with asking parents to contribute


3/ Matters for the attention of the new Headteacher

The following represent areas that were highlighted on a small number of forms. In general, these reflected the results from the questionnaire.

  • More extra-curricular activities particularly for EYFS and KS1 pupils
  • The status of the EYFS teaching staff
  • More feedback regarding pupil progress
  • Cars turning in the car park in the morning
  • Confidentiality of volunteers in school
  • Hot lunches

There were further areas which individual parents identified. They have been noted, however, if any parent wishes to discuss them with Mrs Reid further, then please make an appointment through the office.