December 2017 Parent Consultation - Whole School Meetings

December 2017
The planned Whole School Meeting in November 2017 was cancelled as only 13 parents replied confirming attendance at the event. We asked parents their views on the organisation and content of the Whole School Meetings. 63 parents completed the survey. There were 133 pupils on roll at the time of the survey. These are the findings.
90% of parents were aware of the Whole school Meeting
46% were planning to attend (29 parents)
Of those not planning to attend:
90% said timing of event was not convenient
5% said not interested
5% said not relevant
Of those planning to attend:
58% of parents had attended previous meetings
81% found them useful
90% wanted them to continue
Parents were asked where they get their information about school. 
17% website
43% newsletters
21% emails
8% social media
5% letters home
6% word of mouth
Parents were asked what they would like to find out about in future events
39% curriculum information
12% academisation
36% pupil performance
14% all of the above
The Public Relations Committee of Governors will take these views into account when planning future whole school events.