Year 3 trip to the Hypnos factory

16th June 2016

We were very kindly invited to tour the Hypnos factory in Princes Risborough yesterday.  We linked this to our research homework about Healthy Active Lifestyles.  Prior to the trip the children in year 3 have also been looking at humans in their science lesson and we researched the importance of sleep and how sleep ensures our body works most effectively after a good night’s sleep.

We arrived and were greeted by lots of the staff who then gave us a brilliant presentation on the benefits of sleep.  The children were very interested to learn that they should not have any screen time two hours before bedtime as it over stimulates their brain.  They also learnt how much sleep a child of their age should have (10-11 hours) per night. 

We learnt about the Hypnos brand and the family that run the company – Willem Keen’s family.  The Sales Director, Clive, told us about the amount of metal wiring that is used in their mattresses.  We were amazed to hear that in one year enough metal wiring is used in the springs to stretch from Earth to the moon. 

After the presentation we were split into three groups and went on a tour of the factory. This was really fascinating.  We saw the beginnings of the mattress – the springs and the layers.  There were sewing machines to sew all this together and we watched the handles of the mattress being sewn on.  Our favourite bit was watching Tony drive a very sharp needle through the whole mattress to secure the fillings and put the little toggles on.  We then saw the completed mattress move to the wharehouse ready for dispatch to the customer.

In addition to all of this we were allowed to help stuff the mattresses with wool and saw that Hypnos make the actual beds too and some beds have hidden safes underneath the bed.  We all thought we could have a Hypnos bed and store midnight snacks in the safe under the bed.

The most memorable bit for many of the children was being given the opportunity to jump all over the showroom beds.  That was great fun!

Once back at school we wrote our thank you letters in our English lesson and also had the opportunity to design our perfect bed.