Whole School Spelling Champions Competition Autumn 2019



Autumn term 2019


Following the success of our whole school spelling competition last year, this event will be returning again this term.


Why have a spelling competition?

At Frieth we are continuously working to raise the profile of phonics and spelling. We are working hard to teach the children the value of learning to spell. Just as we celebrate sports at Sports Day, we want to celebrate the efforts and progress children are making with their spelling!


How is the competition organised?

On Monday 30th September the children will be given a list of words to learn for this term’s spelling competition. These will also be available on the school website. The spelling test will take place in each class during the last full week of term. Each child will be given 10 words to spell from their list and for each correctly spelt word they will earn one house point. To make the scores comparable, the score of every child in each house will be added together and then divided by the total number of children in that colour which will give an overall average for each house.



Each child will earn 1 house point for each correctly spelt word. Children in the winning house team will have a mufti day during the last week of term.


Good luck Everyone!