Whole School Meetings

At Frieth we hold Whole School Meetings to provide an opportunity for parents, staff and governors to come together discuss the main priorities for the development of the school. Since January 2014 we have held a number of whole school meetings. A short precis of each meeting and the accompanying presentation slides are available below.
Wednesday 1st November 2017 
Following the recent cancellation of our planned Whole School Meeting, we have put together a short survey to find out more about how you would like the school to communicate with you in the future.  It will only take a couple of minutes to fill in, and we would be very grateful for your feedback.  Please could you submit your response by Monday 18th Dec


Results from this survey can be found on the Parent Views page. 

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Our next whole school meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st November at 7:30pm to join together. We will be presenting information on the following areas:

  •          Academisation - what are we doing?
  •          A review of our Mission Statement and School Values
  •          SDP review of 2016-2017 and new priorities for 2017-2018
  •          Celebration! Sharing our successes this year!

 To further entice you to the evening, snacks and drinks will be available.  

We have set up an online booking for this event which will remain open until Midday on Monday 30th October 2017 at the following link: 


Please do book in so that we can cater for numbers.

WSM 1st February 2017
Thank you to all the staff, parents and governors who attended this term's Whole School Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of our scheme for reading and the assessment of reading from Reception to Year 6. We also covered how Frieth is embedding our Growth Mindset into our learning through the use of 'The Learning Pit' and we finished with a celebration of Frieth's school life and development over the past academic year.  PDF copies of all the slides are available to download below.
The governors also provided feedback on the expansion proposals for Ibstone CE and Mary Towerton Infant Schools. These expansion proposals have now been agreed at Local government level and will therefore go ahead. At this stage the governors and school cannot know the exact impact this will have on Frieth and therefore we can only continue to provide the excellent provision for learning and teaching that we pride ourselves on at Frieth; and work positively and collaboratively with the wider community of parents and schools to ensure that our children are given the best possible start to their educational experiences. 
Finally, Mrs Marston-Weston spoke briefly about where the governing body are in their research into becoming an academy. A full and thorough consultation process will take place once the landscape is more certain, and parents will be kept informed as much as possible as we go through the process. 
At the end of this meeting, we asked for evaluation feedback from attendees. 84% of those who completed the evaluation found the evening very or extremely useful with 16% finding it somewhat useful. We asked for ideas on what other information would be useful in future meetings and the following were some of the suggestions made:
  • better communication
  • how PTA funds are spent
  • academisation
As a result, a letter about communication will be sent home; when due diligence has been completed, the governors will call a meeting about academisation and PTA funds and expenditure is a standing item on all PTA meetings. The next meeting will be held on  21st February in the school. 
WSM 2nd November 2016
The purpose of this meeting was to inform parents of current issues including: the priorities for school development in 2016/2017; how Frieth is responding to the agenda surrounding Academy status in Primary Schools; British Values and our approach to incorporating them into our curriculum; and a celebration of the 2015/2016 academic year highlights.  The main focus was on our key curriculum target area for this academic year: further improving standards in maths. The presentations and resources are available to download below. 
WSM 20th January 2016 
At this meeting we discussed the role of the Governing Body; the long term plan for the development of the school building, the new Frieth assessment policy in a world without levels; the development of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar; and our Growth Mindset projects. 
WSM 20th January 2015
The purpose of this meeting was to inform parents of the results of our school audit and the published report, and to come together to begin to plan for our school 150th anniversary celebrations in the summer term. 
WSM 9th July 2014
The purpose of this meeting was to inform parents of the school priorities based on the school's self evaluation.  It was also to provide an update on the changes happening on both the national and local levels within Frieth school, including the change to mixed age teaching throughout the school and the new curriculum for September 2014. As part of this evening, we worked collaboratively to plan exciting activity ideas and enrichment opportunities for our proposed new Creative Curriculum.  
WSM 22nd January 2014
The main purpose for this meeting was to introduce the new Headteacher Mrs Jo Reid, who took up her position in January 2014. The meeting also looked at priorities from the school development plan and focussed on Guided Reading and Maths. We also took time to introduce our whole school topic for the term 'Take a Picture'