The Primary National Curriculum

The Primary National Curriculum is a framework used by all maintained schools to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent.  The current statutory Primary National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014. It sets out:

  • The subjects taught.
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject and within each Key stage.
  • Standards or attainment targets in each subject that teachers can use to measure a child's progress and plan their future learning.

The National Curriculum is organised into blocks of years called 'Key Stages'.  The subjects within the 2014 National Curriculum are:






Design and Technology



Art and Design


Physical Education

Modern Foreign Languages


For further information on how Curriculum progress is assessed and reported, please go to the Progress and Attainment Page. 
At Frieth we have determined our Curriculum Policy Statement on the National Curriculum, tailored to the needs of our school. We have created our whole school long term planning document to ensure coverage of all the strands of the National Curriculum. These documents are reviewed annually and are available below.