St Charles School, Kenya - Special Assembly

5th December 2016
Special Kenya Assembly
Mrs Pauline Prince came to speak with the school today. She volunteers for the Charity 'Amani' which facilitates our school link with St Charles School, Kenya. 
During the assembly, Mrs Prince showed the children slides of life in Kenya. We were all struck by how lucky we are to have all the resources, clothing, food and clean water that allow us to go to school and learn, but also by how lucky the children in Kenya are to be surrounded by such breathtaking scenery and wildlife in their daily lives. 
Mrs Prince demonstrated how heavy the water carriers are that the children routinely carry on their heads when they go to get water. She also talked about sewing up one child's dress so that she could go to school, and then being asked to sew up lots and lots more before she left. 
There are lots of ways that our link with St Charles School will help both the pupils in both countries to develop their learning and education. 
We have raised funds for the school by asking for donations at our Christmas performance this year and we are also very grateful to Mr Marshall, who raised money from his stall at the Christmas Fayre for St Charles School. 
If you would like to make a donation towards this fund, please send it to the office in an envelope marked, St Charles School Kenya Donation.