School Donations Fund and Community Fundraising

The Frieth School Governing Body is made up of parents, members of staff and members appointed by the diocese who are committed to the promotion of high standards of educational achievement. Governors bring a wide range of experience, interests and skills to the role, but more importantly, they bring enthusiasm and a vested interest in supporting our school.
In addition to their many committees and roles within these, they are also responsible for raising funds for the revenue of the school. One way that they do this is by administering the School Donations Fund which parents and community members can pay into as a monthly direct debit or a one off payment.
In addition to this, the Governing body also approach other community members such as the Parish Council and private donors for additional funds to go towards bigger projects and apply for grants to national bodies. For instance, the library project received a grant of £2000 from the Ernest Cook Trust and we  recently received generous private donations which allowed us to carpet the library and corridors, complete the resurfacing of the outdoor area and  buy the new musical instruments to support whole class music teaching. 
Sometimes the School Donations Fund is used in conjunction with the school budget and PTA fundraising where the school needs significant funds for particular projects, such as the IT infrastructure project. Generally however, the School Donations Fund is a separate entity from PTA fundraising. 
In recent years, this fundraising has been used to support the following projects which have been identified as priorities within the School Development Plan: 
  • The IT infrastructure project
  • Redesign, building works and new furniture for the new Library
  • Resurfacing of the outdoor area
  • New resources for teaching and learning in Maths
  • New resources for teaching English
  • New instruments for teaching whole class music 
Private donations and the School Donations Fund have allowed the school budget to support the costs of other works including the significant amounts needed for the rewire and new integrated fire system without going into a deficit budget, whilst still providing the excellent resources and grounds needed for our pupils to have the best possible opportunities in school. 
Autumn Term 2018
In November 2018 the Governing body authorised the following purchases from the School Donations Account to support the continuing development of teaching and learning at Frieth School.  We are very please to announce that the school have now purchased the Department for Education backed 'Power Maths' scheme of pupils text and answer books and an online teaching resource for teachers and the mental arithmetic school pack. We have also finalised the purchase of the new climbing equipment which was installed just before the Christmas break and was an instant hit with the pupils when we returned in January. In addition we have purchased the Cursive font for our network to allow teachers to print signs in the cursive handwriting style. We are waiting to find available training for Forest School Leaders and to source the additional SEND resources on the list. 
KS2 pupils performing 'Mama Mia' by Abba to the staff and KS1 pupils using our wonderful new musical instruments. 
To all our Governors and private donors, we would like to say a massive 
For further information about the role of the Governing Body, see the Governing Body page of the website. 
If you would like to set up a direct debit to the School Donations Fund, please download the form below.