Safeguarding Information and Links

COVID-19 Safeguarding Update
During this period of school closures, the understanding the child protection and safeguarding are everybody's responsibility has never been so important.  As a school we still have a duty of care to ensure our pupils and families are safe and to act if we think they are vulnerable and in need of support. We have therefore written an appendix for our Child Protection Policy to ensure we are doing our best to rise to the challenge of our responsibilities during this time. You can find a link to the policy below.  
It has also become very apparent that this time of enforced lock down is prompting a rise in domestic violence within the home as people react to the stress of being together all the time. If you, or anyone you know is affected by domestic violence, there is a new way to contact the police silently by dialling 999 and then 55 - please see the PDF advice leaflet below. 
We have also updated the e-safety information page for parents with advice from the National Online Safety organisation to support our families with keeping our pupils safe while using online distance learning and social media apps. 
Useful Numbers
These numbers may be of use to you or someone you know. 

First Response

0845 4600001 or 01296 383962

Referrals into social care if you are concerned for the safety or well-being of a child.

Social Care

01296 382249

This number takes you direct into social care to speak to the duty social worker should you not be able to make contact with your own social worker.

Family Support

01296 398242

Family Action works to tackle some of the most complex and difficult issues facing families today – including financial hardship, mental health problems, social isolation and learning disabilities. Domestic abuse, or substance misuse and alcohol problems.

Women’s Aid

01296 437777

Women's Aid offer support to women & children/young people experiencing domestic violence.

Healthy Minds

01865 901600 or txt 07798 667169

Healthy Minds is a NHS service offering quick and easy access to talking therapies, practical support and employment advice. Anyone who is feeling depressed, anxious or stressed, is aged 18 or over and has a GP in Buckinghamshire can request help from Healthy Minds.

Barnardo’s Buddies

01296 330096

Every young person who gets help from our CAMHS will have a trained Barnardo’s buddy to work with them and offer support throughout their care.

Bucks Youth

01296 431183

For children and young people who are currently in care or leaving care and promote their right to be a part of the decision making processes that affect their lives.

Young Carers

01280 817772

Are independent charities offering young carers the chance to be young people free from their caring responsibilities through trusted activities, clubs, outings, holidays and one-to-one support.

Citizen Advice

01296 3283317

A service with knowledge and information for many concerns and problems.

Attached below are a number of useful documents that outline the Child Protection Procedures for Frieth School, including our Child Protection Policy. Further information for parents about E-safety can be found in the Parents section of our website.