Responding to Racism Parent Information

5th June 2020

Dear Parents,


RE:  How to talk to your child about racism.

 ‘He created every race of men of one stock, to inhabit the whole earth’s surface.’

ACTS 17:26

The world of pandemic we have been living through is certainly different and challenging, a challenge which has now been exacerbated by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests in America and around the World. The news around this is ever present on social media, computers, radio stations and the television and given that our children are now spending far more of their time using computer devices, they may well be exposed to the news far more than they have been previously.  At a time where adults are finding the news overwhelming it can be hard to imagine how challenging this must be for children and to decide how and what to say to help them understand what is happening and racism in general.

We would normally cover issues of equality and racism in circle times and as part of our PSHE curriculum in school, but are aware that the level of healthy discussion it would normally generate is not possible with our partial opening of school and the social distancing currently in place.

We are therefore providing the quotes and links on the page below to support our families when discussing the current news and racism in general with children. Some of these links are only suitable for adults and some can be shared with children. We therefore advise that you look through them all first before talking to your child. We hope you find these resources useful as a starting point for your discussions.


Yours sincerely

 Jo Reid