RAF Hendon Trip

21st February 2018

RAF Hendon

On the 21st of February, KS 2 went to RAF Hendon to find out more about what happened and why WWll was such a big event. We saw lots of planes and had a wonderful experience!

In the morning, at 8:30, everyone gathered and we did the register. We got into partners and hopped on the coach to head to London. On the coach we had a great time seeing who could suck a polo for the longest (including Mrs Goodchild)!

When we arrived at RAF Hendon, we got off the coach and headed on into the museum. A member of staff showed us to where we were having our lunch and then we went off, as a class, to explore the first hanger of the museum.

As we were walking round, we saw many different amazing planes, helicopters, boats and bombs. Some of my favourites were the Spitfire and the Kittyhawk. We even got to climb in one of the planes; it was incredible!

Then, we headed back to where we were going to eat, and had our lunch. Once we had finished eating, we were allowed to explore the interactive experiments that were set up around the tables. After everyone had finished eating, we came together and waited for our workshop to begin.

After a while, we were called for our workshop. We got to experience what it would be like, as a child, to go to school during the war. We got to write with a quill and ink and we also had our very own air-raid, where we had to hide under the tables. We talked about why the war happened and why we won.

Afterwards, we walked out of the museum and headed to a different building, which had some WWl planes and bombers. Then, after a quick look round, we left the building and got back on the coach, to go back to Frieth.

Overall, I had a wonderful day and learnt lots about WWll that I didn’t already know. I would definitely recommend RAF Hendon as a great day out and I would 100% go there again.