Progress and Attainment

At the end of each Key Stage, pupils are assessed against the criteria set by The National Curriculum. For the Reception year and at the end of Year 2, this is based on teacher assessment. For the end of Year 6, pupils are assessed both through teacher assessment and the statutory Standardised Tests. The attainment and progress information documents below demonstrate the results for Frieth in the  2016, 2017 and 2018 assessment frameworks. The information includes comparisons to Buckinghamshire Local Authority and National figures. 

Highlights of the 2018 data include:

  • 75% attained a Good Level of Development in EYFS (Local Authority = 74% National = 72%) 
  • 88% passed the year 1 phonics check threshold (Local Authority = 84% National = 82%)
  • 48% year 6 attained the higher standard in Reading. (Local Authority = 35% National = 28%)
  • 30% attained the higher standard in Maths (Local Authority = 30% National 24%)
  • 13% year 6 pupils attained the higher standard in Reading , Writing and Maths combined. (Local Authority = 11%  National = 10%) 
Over a three year period of average attainment in reading, writing and maths combined:
  • 63% attained the expected standard (Local Authority = 62% National = 60%)
  • 16% attained the higher standard (Local Authority = 9% National = 8%)

Whilst the data in the documents give a picture of attainment at the end of each year, as a small school with relatively small numbers of pupils taking the statutory tests, these percentages need to be read advisedly.  For a more comprehensive view of learning, progress and attainment in our school, we would advise that a visit to our school will demonstrate our culture of achievement, personalised learning and challenge for all. 

11+ Transfer Testing
The transfer test for secondary school placements takes place in September each year. The protocols for the testing clearly state that schools may not invite or accommodate services aimed at coaching children about the contents of the test on the school premises. As the test is not statutory and is not taken by all pupils, the results do not represent the attainment or progress of pupils at Frieth and therefore cannot be used as a performance indicator for the school. 

The key skills tested in the Secondary Transfer Test are however, age appropriate skills that are an integral part of the National Curriculum (i.e. comprehension, understanding word meanings and spelling, solving mathematical problems). The best support for pupils taking the transfer test is therefore to ensure that the National curriculum is being taught well and pupils are exposed to a challenging, high standard of teaching and learning in school. As can be seen by the highlights from our school data, this higher standard is clearly being achieved. 

Further information about 11+ transfer testing statistics are available by clicking on this hyperlink to the Buckinghamshire County Council Public Website