Parent Consultations

"I have had children at Frieth for 10 years and think it is a fabulous school on the up."
Each year we hold an annual Parent Consultation in the form of a questionnaire.  This information - alongside the feedback parents provide at the Whole School Meetings, through the Parent Representative Committee and the more informal emails - forms a valuable part of our school evaluation process. 
Through these consultations, we evaluate our practice and decide upon areas for development which then become part of our School Development Plan. 
Our Annual Parent Consultation will usually be completed in the Summer term. At other times within the school year, we may also send home shorter consultations on specific areas as we seek to improve our provision at Frieth. 
Parental feedback is very improtant to us and we thank you for taking part in our consultations. 
Detailed results and analysis from our previous consultations are available by clicking on the drop down menu to the side of this page.  In our most recent Parent Consultation however the overwhelming majority of parents who responded to the survey agreed or strongly agreed that:
  •          Their child is safe in school (100%)
  •          Their child enjoys coming to Frieth (94%)
  •          The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved (93%)
  •          There are good standards of behaviour at Frieth (95%)
  •          Their child makes good progress in school (92%)
  •          Their child is taught well in school (95%)
  •          They would recommend Frieth to another family (95%)
  •          Frieth is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved (93%)
"Frieth is a warm, caring, welcoming school, my daughter has struggled, and school work has been a challenge, but she has been put on learning programmes, and had a great support, which has given her the ability to achieve her full potential"