October 2014 KS1 & KS2 Induction Consultation

KS1 and KS2 Induction Survey 2014

The purpose of this survey was to analyse the effectiveness of our school induction procedures, and therefore make any further improvements in the Autumn term 2015. The response to the survey was variable with a good response from KS1 parents and lower KS2 parents but a lesser response from upper KS2 parents. 


98% parents agree or strongly agree that their child has settled happily and feels welcome in school

95% parents agree or strongly agree that the curriculum letter is detailed and clear

88% of parents agree or strongly agree that they know how much homework will be set an which days it is expected in school

72% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the cohort meetings were helpful and clear. The remaining 28% did not know as they were unable to attend.

67% of parents felt the information on the class pages of the website was clear, however, the 6% that disagreed felt some of the information was out of date and the remaining 25% had not looked or did not know.

92% of parents agree or strongly agree that any concerns or questions had been addressed in a welcoming and efficient manner by all the staff with less than 5% disagreeing and less than 5% who did not know.

63% of parents would prefer the cohort meeting to be held and the curriculum letter to go out in week 2; 7% would prefer week 3 or 4 and 29% had no opinion to give.

Actions to consider:

  1. Ensure that the cohort meetings and letters go out in week two in September 2015
  2. Discuss ways to encourage more parents to attend the cohort meetings
  3. Review the class pages on the website and ensure they are kept up to date at the beginning of each term with a new timetable, curriculum letter and any further useful information.