Meet the PTA Committee

Co-Chair Juliette Cheung

Hi, I’m Juliette - mother of Mariette (Kestrels) and Monty (Buzzards) and wife to Arnaud. 

We moved to Bucks from West London and are loving life in this beautiful part of the world. 

A little bit about me. In brief, I am a musician at heart having started singing, performing and playing musical instruments from an early age and taking it to University level. My professional career before the children was in the property sector, and now - alongside working freelance for Arnaud’s company, I love also having the opportunity to help at school with the choir, reading and cross country. 

I am delighted to be co-chairing the PTA this year alongside Berts and Richard, the three of us are feeling very excited and enthusiastic about putting together events that not only will raise valuable funds for the school, but will also hopefully be a lot of fun for both your children and yourselves. We would enormously appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you might have, communication is key for the success of the PTA and that’s not just between those who are able to attend meetings (every parent is welcome to attend by the way) ~ but for each and every one of us. We are extremely friendly and chatty, and very keen to hear from you all. 

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you, please find me to say hello! 

Co-chair - Richard Piercy

Richard lives in Frieth, is married to Ruth and has an 8 year old son in Year 3.  He works in London for Barclays as a Risk Manager so is often found leaving the house early and returning late; most of his PTA emails will be replied to on the train.  He comes from North Yorkshire and a family of teachers with his parents, brother, sister in law and aunt all joining the family profession.  As the black sheep, Richard’s initial career was spent in the Army as an Officer in the Royal Artillery for 15 years serving on Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan before leaving to work in the city, from his military experience he can empathise with how many teachers feel at the end of the day, having to deal with soldiers is not significantly different.  Richard has taken part in the last three Frieth Hillys, although sadly he was injured for the 2018 run due to being injured playing rugby, despite being told he is too old, so he made use of his extensive BBQ skills by helping to run the Bacon roll stand.

He decided to join the PTA to help improve take up and participation in school events across the local community through the PTA.  He is also keen to help improve the experience and opportunities the school provides for each and every child through the contributions of the PTA. 

Treasurer – Leah Cubbage
Profile pending


Co-Chair - Bertie Baylis

My name is Bertie and I am proud to have become one of the new chairs for our PTA.

I have 2 children at the school, Xanthe-Rose who is in year 5, and Teddy who is in Yr1. I also have another daughter, Pixie.

I myself also went to Frieth school, so I know it well and am keen to play a role in the PTA and bring in some new ideas. I aim to do the best I can for the PTA and for the school so we can continue to offer to our children more wonderful opportunities and resources. I hope all of the Parents will support me in my new role as they have done so well with previous committee members.




Secretary - Lisa Martin

Hi, I’m Lisa - PTA secretary – my daughter Matilda is in Year 3, Kestrels.

We moved to Lane End in November 2016 and Matilda started at Frieth in January 2017.  We love the school, the area and the community.  I work full time in a support role for a pharmaceutical company near Heathrow and my Husband, Adrian, is a painter and decorator in the area.  I enjoy being part of the PTA and helping to support the school whenever we can.  Adrian (PTA-in-law) also enjoys helping out at events, etc, whenever possible. 

I love anything creative including a bit of sewing and I’m a keen baker, anything from novelty cupcakes to 4 tier wedding cakes.  We enjoy spending time at the weekends with our large extended family and friends.  We are also making the most of our National Trust membership and like to explore the local properties whenever we can.