Kites class 2017

Welcome to Kites class!
The class is taught by Mrs Tyzack. The class Teaching Assistants are Mrs Currie and Mrs Crowther, and the children are taught by Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Reynard on Thursdays.
This term's whole school topic is 'MASTERCHEF'. For further information about the curriculum this term please see the curriculum letter attached below.
Masterchef homework - 10.07.17
Chickpeas with cheese & bacon - 7.07.17
Masterchef homework - 3.07.17
SPORTS DAY - 30.06.17
Masterchef homework - 26.06.17
Perform X free dance workshop - 23.06.17
Summer salad with feta and olives - 21.06.17
Masterchef homework - 19.06.17
Chance to Shine Cricket - 19.06.17
Outdoor cooking demonstration with Sarah and Steve - 16.06.17
"The best day EVER!"
Masterchef homework - 12.06.17
Masterchef homework - 6.06.17
Life in Saxon Britain - 5.06.17
Masterchef homework - 22.05.17
GUACAMOLE - 22.05.17
Masterchef homework - 15.05.17
A letter and two beautiful cookery books from Alain Roux - Chef Patron at The Waterside Inn - to help us with our cooking and baking!
 We received a letter from the CBBC team 
on behalf of Matilda Ramsay.
A letter for KITES from Paul Clerehugh:
A huge parcel full of goodies from Tom Kerridge!!!
A signed photograph and a note from Mary Berry!
Inviting famous chefs
KS2 Design and Technology Day 17.03.17
HOLI 2017

Our task was to explore and experiment with the construction and destruction of individual pieces of fabric. We experimented with a range of techniques and processes including:

CONSTRUCTION – layering, stitching, sticking, weaving, pleating, plaiting, tying and knotting etc.

DESTRUCTION – cutting, tearing, hole punching, thread removing etc.

Teaching each other
 ‘It was quite easy to teach my partner because he listened to what I was saying and didn’t rush off to do it hastily.’
‘I had to think about what I was going to teach. It wasn’t easy and I had to run through it a couple of times at home.’
 ‘I had to describe in words and think about what I was writing so that it made sense and the order of the instructions was correct.’
 ‘I taught it to her in steps so she knew what to do.’
‘We went over it a few times until he was really good at it. He really wanted to get it perfect!'
‘I taught my partner through speaking and sometimes it helped if I showed her the picture. I think her drawings were pretty good seeing as it was her first time.’
‘I found teaching easy because I have known how to do it for 2 years now!’
‘I had to plan a warm-up, then I had to choose a piece of music which was challenging because I didn’t know who my partner was and if they knew how to play the guitar or not. So I chose a hard piece and a medium piece and an easy tab. Then I showed my Dad how to play it and he was a fast learner!’
‘She was easy to teach because she listened. I liked planning and performing my lesson. My partner taught me a card game. It was a good game and it would keep you entertained for hours. I learnt it quickly because ‘my teacher’ was a brilliant, amazing, fantastic teacher.’


2 March 2017
Tennis coaching with Chris
Young Voices 2017!
In our first gymnastics lesson of the term we balanced on different body parts to make bridges on different levels. Our balances were harder to maintain when we made the bases smaller. By the end of this unit we will be able to move into and out of bridges with control using a roll, a jump or a travelling movement. We will also make bridges in contact with a partner - both showing matching shapes and link them to make a balanced sequence.
Wesolych swiat bozego narodzenia!
Khilisimasi Yabwino!
Amazing Alps!
In Geography we have been learning about the Alps.
Our challenge was to create a 3D version of a physical or political map of the Alps.
Which countries do the Alps spread across?
The Alps are one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in the world, forming an arc of 1200 km in length from Nice to Vienna and covering about 192000 km². The mountain range stretches across 8 different countries:
France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Monaco
Remembrance Day
Design and Technology
Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes!
Now I know how to make Plushnuggets and Tummyticklers. While I was cooking, my group could smell all the delicious flavours inside and when we were tasting them, the crispy melted cheese and mustard was a great combination, I thought. My favourite one was the Tummyticklers because I liked the mustard and mayonnaise.
Tasting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Bar
There it was! The most famous chocolate of all time, the most delicious, most chocolaty treat ever. I don't know why I didn't grab it straight away! It smelt like a coco forest with caramel spread over the trunk and bough of every tree!! When I touched it, it was easy to imagine the taste sensation behind the wrappers! How could anyone resist the glory underneath the foil that was as sparkly as water glistening on a summers day? Then... I held it in my hands. It smelt better than ever before. How did I stop the temptation to gobble it up all in one?
But now it was the time I had been waiting for a while. I very slowly brought the amazing creation up to my mouth and took a tiny nibble... Wow! An amazing taste spread not just in all of my mouth but also sent warmth through my whole body!