Kites class

Welcome to Kites class!
The class is taught by Mrs Tyzack.
The class Teaching Assistants are Mrs Currie, Mrs Spencer and Mrs Barker. 
The children are taught by Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Reynard on Thursdays.
Our whole school topic this term is 'MONSTERS'.
For further information about the curriculum this term please see the curriculum letter attached below.
CANOPIC JARS - 3.07.18
Making our canopic jars - 29.06.18
Year 5 Fire Safety Visit
Commonwealth research homework

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 countries that support each other and work together in the common interests of their citizens for development, democracy and peace. It is home to over 2.4 billion people of numerous faiths and ethnicities – 60% of whom are aged 30 or under. There are member countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific. Our homework was to carry out a detailed research about a Commonwealth country of our choice. 


Fractions and decimals numberline
Thank you to Mrs Tedder for a brilliant presentation about D-Day through her family history.
D.T. - Wartime Recipes
STARLAB visit - 9.03.18
WORLD BOOK DAY - 7.03.18
Tennis coaching with Chris - 6.03.18
Winners of the 'We Walk To School' challenge
for February!
WWII - A doctor at war
Thank you to Mr Adam for a fantastic presentation at the start of our spring term history topic.
KITES Spring Term Class Assembly 23.02.18
CLIMATE IS COOL - Creative Homework Project
Fauvism - Landscapes
Making iced gingerbread biscuits to sell at the school Christmas Fair
What do you think Stonehenge was built for?
Stonehenge Facts 
•It has been estimated that the three phases of construction could have taken more than thirty million hours of labour!
•Modern calculations show that it would have taken 500 men using leather ropes to pull one Sarsen Stone, with an extra 100 men needed to lay the huge rollers in front of the sledge.
•To make the stones fit together well, they carved bumps and holes to make them fit together, a bit like Lego!
•The stones would have been moved and raised using a combination of rollers, ropes, wooden levers, A frames and pulleys, and a massive amount of man power! It is thought that the horizontal stones would be raised to the height of the vertical stones by building up wooden platforms.
Dragon Eyes
Dragon Eyes Project
Step 3 - Making the dragon eyes using clay
Dragon Eyes Project
Step 2 - Designing dragon eyes
Dragon Eyes Project
Step 1 - Observational drawing of human eyes
Can you identify the key features in a mosque?
Forward roll - 13.09.17