Kestrels Class 2018 2019

Welcome to Kestrels class page. The class teachers are Mrs Lorna Sparks and Mr Nigel Honey. The teaching assistants are Mrs Ansell, Ms Birmingham and Mrs Spencer.
SPRING TERM 2019 Please find attached our Curriculum Letter for the coming term.
Spring Term photographs and film
Today we brought in our Viking Topic Project Homework. We took it in turns to tell our classmates all about our work.
24.1.2019 In our SCIENCE learning we wrote messages in mirror writing to understand how light is reflected.
3rd January 2019 We started the new term with a fantastic dance workshop. Here are some pictures and a short video
Autumn Term photographs and films are below this point
Chocolate Science - Today we experimented with melting chocolate. Mr Honey told us it was dog chocolate to stop us eating it!
The Great Kestrels Bake Off!!
16.10.18 We have had a wonderful time creating drawings of Mammogrumps, so named because they are from the Stone Age, have descended from the Woolly Mammoth and are grumpy! We created these using oil pastels and will put them on display in the school because we love them so much.
7.11.18 We learnt about  Divali with Kites class.
We have buried some items to see what will happen to them over time. In history we have been thinking about what would remain today from the Iron Age.
We wrote final versions of instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth. We had worked on first drafts and edited our work to improve it. we are really proud of our work and Mrs Reid cam in to congratulate us.
We also made woolly mammoths in groups using milk bottles.
Kestrels were archaeologists and dug up items to see what remained without decaying. They then re-enacted life in the Stone Age and had a fire that was lit using flint.
As a special treat they toasted marshmallows.
18.12.18 We visited our local church to look at symbols of light and to look at the Advent Wreath.