Last Day of Term

21st July 2020

So the strangest year of modern education is drawing to a close and whilst it hasn’t been exactly the same as previous years, we have still tried to make sure our final day was a day to remember for all our year 6 leavers. 

We pre-recorded our Leaver’s service and all the bubbles got to watch and take part at some point during the day.  The year 6 have all been presented with a DVD of the service, and if you look at the next page of the newsletter, you will see the words of my address to year 6. There are lots of inspirational song references for you to find and enjoy.

We also wanted to try and create some more memories for our year 6 leavers, especially as they have missed out on our usual events this term. So on the playground today, they had a lovely French Market breakfast of Croissants and jam, and we were delighted that some of our pupils and staff who have been shielding, were able to join us on the playground to take part in the events. 

The year 6 also were able to perform the maypole for the bubbles who were in school this morning and we were able to watch and clap them on from a distance before presenting them with their Leaver’s present.

We also said goodbye to Madame Reynard after 16 years of dedicated language teaching at Frieth and we were so glad she could join us on the playground today. She will be greatly missed by all the staff and students at Frieth and we wish her every success and happiness in the future.


It was also my last day at Frieth and the children and the staff have made today so memorable, with a timetable of little performances and presentations from each and every bubble throughout the day. From lovely poetry, heartfelt messages, beautiful cards and an awesome maypole dance to my hero David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ I was made to feel truly special. Alongside the cards, messages and gifts from individual parents and pupils, I was presented with an amazing Frieth Book Bag of Memories to take with me from the children, a wonderful bespoke necklace from the parents, a gorgeous rose bush and book of memories and messages from the staff, and another beautiful necklace from the governors. All of these gifts, messages and memories will ensure that the wonderful community of Frieth will continue to inspire me as I move on. 

With heartfelt thanks

Mrs Reid