JRSO Fun Day

18th October 2019

JRSO newsletter Oct 2019

Dear people of Frieth  CEC School ,

Last Friday we (the JRSOs) had the most amazing experience at Aston Clinton when we attended a JRSO training day . We learned the do’s and don’ts of road safety, such as what to do in a medical emergencies and how to deal with them, how to cross the road and also the different types of crossings.  When we were there we did lots of different activities to help when were on duty outside the school gates. We are looking forward to our job of encouraging everyone to be safe when coming to and from school.  Whilst we were there we got some things that we could use to help us remember to stay safe and be seen, such as hats, hi vis jackets and hi vis bag covers. We have a display in school which we have updated with resources. Do come and take a look at it.

Look out for us wearing our JRSO caps at the front of the school and making sure that the turning circle and parking is working well.

From Frieth School Junior Road Safety Officers.