Jane Douglass Dance Workshops

3rd January 2019
The pupils and staff had an active WOW start to the term with inspirational dance workshops led by Jane Douglass. Jane is a professional dance teacher who leads the primary dance provision for Maidenhead schools as well as running her own fitness and dance classes for adults and children alike. 
To help kick start our new topics Jane has led high quality staff training on the INSET day and then taken each class in turn for a brilliant dance workshop. KS1 and EYFS have been focussing on movement and travel to link to their topic of 'Up, Up and Away', whilst KS2 have been linking their dance to 'Invaders and Settlers'  
Below are some videos and photos of the workshops. The children have already learnt so much and are looking fabulous, so we can't wait to see how their dances develop over the coming weeks! 
If you are interested in the work Jane does, please visit her website www.janedouglass.co.uk