Island Hopping!

5th January 2017
For the first  two days of term, we have been working in our house teams as a fantastic start to our new whole school topic:
'Island Hopping'
We had a super time rising to the challenge of working with older and younger children hopping between our four fictional island bases, learning different skills and discussing core values for each island along the journey. Take a look at the photos and information below to see what we've been up to. 

Owls class was transformed into the Leap Islands, an archipelago similar to the Caribbean islands. Because we are a cluster of islands, we had to learn about different methods of bridge building and had a go at creating our own bridges. KS1 children created bridges from newspaper, which then had to support a car. The KS2 children had to work in teams to design bridges using PE equipment. We discussed the best and safest designs. 

We also wrote letters to people encouraging them to visit the Leap Islands. There are lots of reasons to visit: warm climate, beaches, snorkeling, brilliant wildlife and kind and caring people!

In Kestrels room we were given the island of Tsalal which is a cold climate island.  Our role was to look at how rules and law are formed.  We spent some time looking at the Rules of Law in Great Britain and understanding the hierarchy of the judiciary system.  Once we learnt which rules were needed for a fair democracy we wrote our rules and laws out.  Finally we agree which ones were essential and created our own version of the Magna Carta.

Following this we elected a Ruler/Tribal Leader of Tsalal using a democratic voting system and looked at words to describe our new Ruler/Tribal leader such as noble, gracious, magnificent, brave and bold.  We also listened to a number of anthems from other countries for inspiration.  Using our bank of words we created an anthem to sing to our new Ruler/Tribal leader.  Some groups used known songs as the basis for the anthem; others started from scratch. 

Once the anthem had been written the new Ruler read out his or her speech to everyone and then each of the groups performed the anthem.


In Buzzards Class the children created flags for their island of 'Cayuna' and were very imaginative in thinking of symbols and patterns that represented the rainforest geography and characteristics of the people there. After that the KS1 children produced models of their imaginary animals whilst the older children thought of new animal species that might live there, drew and wrote about them. Everybody had a marvellous time and it was great to see them working so nicely and supportively across all the age groups.

Welcome to the island of Javasu!

Owls and Buzzards worked hard to create their own map of Javasu. They learned about the use of colour in maps and identified the colours to be used:

  • blue for the sea, rivers and lakes
  • green for land
  • brown for mountains
  • red squares for the capital city
  • red single lines for main roads
  • red double lines for motorways
  • black single lines for railways.


KS1 also had a chance to try a wide range of fruit and vegetables from our imaginary island including: green olives, black olives, artichokes, sun drenched tomatoes, physalis, papaya, passion fruit, lychee, figs, kiwi fruit, pomegranates and persimmon. The children very much enjoyed trying new flavours with pomegranates being the firm favourite!

Following the food tasting the children had to design a pizza and an ice-cream to make a mouth-watering dinner on the island of Javasu. Bon appétit!