What does the Governing Body do?

What does the Governing Body do?
The Frieth School Governing Body is made up of parents, members of staff and members appointed by the diocese who are committed to the promotion of high standards of educational achievement.
Governors bring a wide range of experience, interests and skills to the role, but more importantly, they bring enthusiasm and a vested interest in supporting our school.
The Governing body acts as a critical friend to the school and is responsible for its strategic direction, policy and overall management and has legal duties and responsibilities. We work collectively and do not take individual responsibility- the day to day management of the school rests firmly with the headteacher and school staff. Governors are appointed to work in partnership with the headteacher and staff to:-
  • Promote high standards of education and attainment
  • Monitor aspects of the curriculum and the school policies
  • Promote the welfare of all the pupils, including those with special needs
  • Celebrate differences in heritage and faith
  • Develop links with the wider community
  • Review and monitor the school development plan
  • Assist with recruitment of staff
  • Manage the school's budget and provide good value for money
Our governors have the chance to develop new skills, actively participate in meetings, asking challenging questions, making suggestions and working as part of our school team.
Governors are encouraged to visit their curriculum area leader termly reporting back on their findings.
You can find photos and brief details of our individual governors by clicking on the 'Meet the Governors' link at the side of this page.
Governing Body Committees and Meetings
The full governing body meets 6 times per year. In addition to this, there are sub-committees that meet at least once per term, or more often as necessary. Minutes of meetings are made available upon request.
The sub committees are as follows:
Premises, Health and Safety
Pay Review & Personnel
Headteacher appraisal
Public Relations 
Attendance by governors at these meetings is monitored and is available below.