Gardening Club

Autumn Term Update
The Gardening Club are back to business this term, reaping the rewards for all their hard work in the summer term. The flowers and the vegetables have been bountiful and the pupils have been having a fantastic time with Ms Lautenbach and her volunteers harvesting the gardens. 
October 2019
September 2019
Summer Term 2019
Gardening update

Spring and early summer is one of the most exciting times of the year for all gardeners, big and small. There is a lot of planning and growing involved. It is also the most exciting time because of various flower events happening around the country like RHS Chelsea Flower Show for example and if you really are into your garden, you simply don’t want to miss it. I was very fortunate to be there again this year and just few days after my trip I was telling our little gardeners all about it. 

I’m so glad that this year our gardening club started much earlier and the children will get a chance to experience the whole Life Cycle of all our plants. We grew them all from seeds this year and it’ll be wonderful for the children to see how within few weeks a plant can grow from just a tiny seed into a 14 ft giant sunflower. I’m always finding it fascinating even now after years of gardening and I love sharing my excitement with our little gardeners. There are so many incredible things happening around us at this time of the year, like birds building nests, feeding their chicks and everything growing in front of our eyes. It’s great to make the children aware of all those fascinating things happening so close to us. 


January 2019 update:

Our gardening club was a real success last year. It’s been amazing seeing children enjoying the simple things created by nature, even in our current world filled with IPhones, Ipads and other gadgets. 

I grew up surrounded by people passionate about nature and gardening and I was brought up thinking that animals, insects and plants have the same right to be on this planet as we humans. I’m very keen on passing on this message to the next generation. 

So much positivity coming from KS1 and KS2, boys and girls working together in the garden. How wonderful! They all loved seeing the vegetables and flowers growing from seeds, looking after them and harvesting at the end of the growing season. 

It’s all about noticing and appreciating the simple and beautiful things that nature offers us. We finished the club with a workshop making a Christmas arrangement that children took home. Everyone absolutely loved it.  

Thank you for all your support and we will be back in Spring! 

In the meantime I’ll be in touch with RHS and informing them about the progress we made. If you wish to be part of our gardening club team this year, please let us know. 

Anya, Frances and Katherine 

Our wonderful new gardening club organised by Ms Lautenbach have been working really hard in the summer heat to keep their new plants alive and well. The reception children have been watering the roots during the day with Mrs Bryan and some of the gardeners from the Monday lunchtime club have helped out at lunchtimes as well. It is turning into a wonderful bright sunny garden for the children to enjoy. 
On Monday 9th July we welcomed a volunteer party from Buckinghamshire County Council organised by Sheila and the team at 'Community Grow'. They cleared our other garden area, ready to be planted and looked after by our young gardeners.