France day 3

13th June 2018

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today we woke up to a lovely sunny morning and got ready for the first activity of the day; a tour of Rue. It consisted of:

  •          Walking into the town
  •          Going past Tudor houses
  •          Looking around a cathedral
  •          Learning about Saint Sebastian and Joan of Arc
  •          Adventuring around a supermarket
  •          Having a rest and drink at a French café
  •          Listening to The Elephant Story-an elephant is now buried by the chateau.

Next was the main activity of the day, Mr Honey’s group were doing raft building, Mr Cubbage’s group were canoeing, Mrs Reid’s group went rock climbing and finally Miss Princay did archery.

After that was the snail farm, we ate some snail recipes like: Croquille; snails with garlic in a fake shell (a French Christmas special), snail pâté on brioche and snail cookie (orange not snail flavour!)

But before that we were lucky enough to hold a snail which left lots of slime all over our hands!

The final activity was the campfire called Felisha, we toasted marshmallows, sang fun songs and we put out the fire (bye Felisha).