Eco Forum

4th December 2019
Our School Council were represented by our Head Girl,Head Boy and two nominated members of the council at the first Marlow Schools Eco-forum, held at Spinfield School. there was lots of discussion about what each of the schools currently do and the success of the sustainability pledges that we all signed up to.
At the forum the children came up with two definite initiatives to follow these: 
  • Waste Free Wednesday ( idea from Holy Trinity children) where we agreed ALL our schools would try to have entirely waste free lunch boxes every Wednesday (fruit peelings do not count). 
  • Eco certificates for shops in Marlow : the children would like each school to enter one design for a certificate that can be displayed in shop windows in Marlow with the message that "This shop is plastic bag free. Bring your own bag or use our recyclable paper bags"  Cllr Towns said they would like to use children's designs on the certificates. 
It will be great to see water taps appearing in town and some of the shops will display a sticker to show you can refill your water bottle for free, rather than paying for another plastic bottle of water. 
We are looking forward to the next Eco-Forum which will be held at Great Marlow School in the Spring.