E-safety Parent Information

At Frieth, we take e-safety very seriously and aim to ensure our pupils know how to enjoy the latest technologies and internet games safely. This is particularly important in the changing world of gaming, where pupils often play collaboratively and link up to chat rooms and group activities on games such as 'Minecraft' and 'Fortnite' or by using APPS such as 'Discord'.
In school our pupils cover e-safety as a regular part of the computing curriculum, using the materials available from CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre). There is information and a link to CEOP resources for children on the pupil pages. 
In the past we have also hosted some E-safety workshops run by a representative from Buckinghamshire County Council. These included a KS2 pupil assembly, a KS1 pupil assembly, staff training and Parent and Governor training. The information given during these sessions was invaluable in supporting our dedication to keeping our pupils safe online. 
To provide further information for parents, we have attached our e-safety and acceptable use policy and our mobile phone policy below. In addition we have attached some PDF documents which give information on cyber-bullying, online grooming, inappropriate websites and  a Parents & Carers Checklist for keeping children safe online.  finally, we have also attached a parent information document from the local authority which provides links for additional support and information. 
We have also signed up to ParentInfo, a new service for parents that has been launched by CEOP. Their website has a number of articles and live feeds which provide excellent up-to-the-minute advice and information.  The ParentInfo button below will link you to their home page. 
Limiting Screen Time
 There are lots of studies which demonstrate the negative impact too much screen time has on children and there have long been recommendations for limiting the amount of time children spend looking at screens. We understand that limiting screen time for children can be difficult and there are times when our children get so absorbed in what they are doing on a computer or tablet, that they lose track of time.
There are apps available to limit screentime and we have attached a couple of website links below which look at different apps that are available should you wish to research this further. 
Snapchat Update 2017

You may be aware of recent media coverage of a new automatic update to Snapchat, called Snapmaps. This app allows other users to find any individuals signed up to Snapchat to the address  or location they are at.  Having talked to our older pupils, some of whom are signed up to Snapchat, it was clear that they were not all aware of this new feature or how to turn it off. Whilst we have discussed it in school, we thought parents might appreciate some further information regarding this app, and have included some links with information and advice. We hope you find these useful.