Collective Worship with Virtual Visitors

4th May 2020
Lighting the Candle
The Greeting
Virtual Visitor
School Prayer
Sending into the World
Collective Worship Songs
You can use the 'Out of the Ark @Home' website to sing some of our collective worship songs. Today you could look at week one on the @home page and find 'Together' as our collective worship song, or you could choose a song from a different week.
Virtual Visitors
I have been having lots of fun creating my Collective Worship Videos each week, but I would really like to have some more 'Virtual Visitors' for the Collective Worship. 
If you want to join in, why not record a video of yourself leading one of the prayers, or talking about your favourite Bible story? You could record yourself singing a school song for us to join in with? 
If you would like to send in a video, please email it to   
Safeguarding: Please remember your e-safety rule and make sure you don't share your name or address or any other identifying features in the background when you record your video!
Please go to the new Covid-19 Virtual Collective Worship page on the school website for more resources, ideas and information.