Energise 2020 general info

It's that time of year again and we can't wait to be part of Energise 2020 which takes place at the Wycombe Swan Theatre.  As part of the 'Out of This World' performance the choir will be both singing in the massed choir and also performing a dance for one of the songs. 
Important dates for your diary are:
Tuesday 4th Feb - rehearsal at Wycombe Town hall - in school time
Wednesday 4th March - rehearsal at Wycombe Town Hall - in school time
Thursday 19th March - Dress Rehearsal at Wycombe Swan Theatre - in school time
Thursday 19th March - 1st performance 7:00pm
Saturday 21st March - 2nd performance 7:00pm
More information on costumes will be posted soon. 
Lyrics and tracks for practising can be found on the lyrics and tracks page of the website.