Assessment and Progression at Frieth


KS1 and KS2 National Tests:

This year is the first year of the New Standardised Tests and tasks for year 2 and year 6 pupils. The national average standardised score is 100. Pupils who have taken these tests will receive an additional page in their report with their scores for Reading; Punctuation Grammar and Spelling; and Maths. Maths and Science will be based on Teacher Assessment. Year 1 pupils will also receive the results of the phonic check which took place in June.


Teacher Assessment and Non-Statutory Tests:

Years 3, 4 and 5 have taken the Non-statutory end of year assessments which are a ‘snapshot’ of 1 test on 1 day. The results of these will be reported like the National tests with an Age Standardised Score with the average expected being 100 on the attainment grid.

The Teacher Assessment is an ongoing record of their work and progress throughout the year and gives a broader, more holistic picture of your child’s learning. The Teacher Assessment for English Maths and Science is reported on the attainment grid as follows:

1 = Working towards age related expectations    

2 = Working at age related expectations    

3 = Working at greater depth

In addition, there is a tick grid for all areas of the curriculum to show the overall assessment of your child.


What are Age Related Expectations?

To enable parents to understand what the age related expectations are, we have produced progression tables for each area of the curriculum which give information on what is expected within each year group. Pupils are expected to have demonstrated their ability to do or understand the criteria for the appropriate year group by the end of the academic year in order to be assessed as working at Age Related Expectations (ARE). The tables are available by clicking the links below.

Religious Education
At Frieth church of England School, RE is treated as another core subject. It is taught weekly and is a regular feature of the school progression and monitoring programme.
Foundation and Creative Subjects
As with science, some subject knowledge content within the history and geography curriculum may be taught out of sequence within our 4 year rolling programme, however, pupils will be assessed against expectations for their age.