Statutory Testing (SATs) in year 2 and year 6

Covid-19 Statutory Assessment Update
Owing to the pandemic and the closure of schools the government announced that statutory assessments for schools would not be taking place in 2020. Therefore there will be no official results for EYFS, Year 1 phonics, KS1 or KS2 in the summer term of 2020. 
Primary Statutory Assessments
Pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 are assessed against the national assessment frameworks provided by the Department for Education (DfE) and by sitting the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in the summer term. 
The DfE have provided the following leaflet for parents of pupils in Years 2 and 6 with information on the assessment and testing process.
Further information about the year 1 phonics check and the Year 2 SATs can be found on the Buzzards class page.