Sing Perform Inspire!

27th April 2018
Year 3 joined over 300 pupils from across Buckinhamshire for a 'Sing, Perform, Inspire' workshop organised by the Chiltern Music Academy. The pupils spent the morning learning three songs from scratch: The Alien song; the Swamp Song; and The Hot Chocolate Song. Each of the songs had some fantastic actions which even the staff were attempting. 
At the end of the morning the children performed a special concert to invited guests made up of headteachers and governors of the schools represented. It was a superb end to a fantastic day. 
The following message was received from The Chiltern Music Academy:
On Friday, 27th April, Kate Venvell and Natasha Marsh from Chiltern Music Academy led Year 3 pupils from 11 different schools in a three hour "Sing, Perform, Inspire" workshop hosted by Danesfield School. From the moment they arrived, the children worked extremely hard rehearsing 3 songs before performing  them to an audience of special guests including Headteachers and Governors. All the staff joined in wholeheartedly as well and everyone was incredibly impressed with the standard acheived!  
We hope you will be inspired by this short video clip of the morning:
Pupils of all ages are very welcome to visit Chiltern Music Academy during term time. Details of choirs, bands, orchestras, chamber music and jazz bands can be found on their wesbite: