School Council Charity Day

20th April 2016


Wednesday 20th April 2016

This term we had a School Council Sponsor Day to raise money for Alzheimer Trust and The British Heart Foundation.

OWLS took part in a Math ordering challenge. Each child had a number 1-30 and had to put themselves in order. On each child’s card there was a symbol which represented a different exercise and they had to do the number of moves as indicated on the cards. Example: 3 arrows = 3 star jumps. They also challenged themselves to do the exercises for a whole minute.

Buzzards did a sponsored obstacle course from 1:30 to 2:00. They did a bean bag on head, skipping, crawling and running challenge which they did complete very well. They had a lot of fun and we hope will raise a lot of money.

Kestrels did a sponsored Quiz. They wrote all of the questions themselves! They were about the R.E, History, English, Maths and Science that they have learnt over this year. Some of the questions were really tricky.


Kites did a sponsored silence. Mrs Tyzack was very pleased they chose to do this! If they wanted to talk they had to write on a white board and Mrs Tyzack wrote on the whiteboard. It was extremely hard but a lot of fun.

Eagles took part in a SPELL-A-THON which had 40 questions Mrs Goodchild had picked out. Each word was tricky and it turned out to be a very challenging challenge. Whilst doing the test they were under the EAGLE-EYE of Mrs Goodchild and Mrs Sparks.

We hope all the children had fun doing these challenges and that they raise a lot of money for these good causes.

 We would like sponsorship money to be in school by Friday 28th of April.