Annual Reports

Covid-19 Reports Update
Owing to the pandemic and closure of schools, all statutory assessment in Primary education was cancelled for 2020. We have therefore revised our report format and assessments for the end of the year to reflect this. Please see PDF below. 

Annual Reports

Every child at Frieth School receives an annual report and record of achievement. We recommend that parents read the report by themselves first to provide time to digest and reflect on the information. Then, once they have done so, to read it through with their child, celebrating their successes and supporting their areas for development.  The teaching staff always welcome and appreciate positive parent comments supporting both the unique child and their learning efforts this year.


Report format

The school staff  reviewed and adapted the report format to ensure it met with the assessment criteria laid out by the government. The first page of the report gives an overview of attainment across the curriculum for your child, followed by a pupil profile of their behaviour, learning styles, socialisation, and ‘Growth Mindset’ during the year. 

The subject specific sections of the report will then provide the teachers with an opportunity to celebrate effort and achievement in the different areas and comment on particularly good pieces of work. These will be personal to each child. In the core subjects, the teachers will also give a target area for each child, based on the ongoing assessment that has taken place throughout the year.

This is followed by the Headteacher’s comments and a space for parents to make any comments. Finally, there is your child’s own report on their learning. 

Attached below are 2 model examples of our new report format based on a composite of actual comments used in various pupil reports this year.