Admissions 2018 Consultation

Determined 2018 Admissions Policy
All schools are required to consult stakeholders on their admissions arrangements at least once within a seven year period or in the event that there are significant changes to these arrangements
The Governors of Frieth CE Combined School have made no changes to their arrangements and therefore consulted with stakeholders within the seven year rule.  
The consultation process closed on 30th November 2016 and the admissions committee and Governing body have met to consider all comments and responses. The policy has been agreed and formally determined as the admissions policy 2018 by the full governing body on Monday 30th January 2017. 
The school is not aware of any objections to the determined policy having been directed to the Schools Adjudicator. Details of the school adjudicator can be found on their website 
The policy and catchment map are available below.