Class structures 2018 2019

Class Structures for 2018 – 2019

Each year we look at the class structures for September based on the number of pupils in each year group and how to provide them with equality of access to teacher input time, the highest standard of education and the ‘challenge for all’ that we pride ourselves on here at Frieth.

We are also delighted to announce that from September, Mrs Tyzack and Mrs Goodchild will be taking up the roles of Assistant Headteachers within the school.

We expect that from September 2018 our KS2 cohort sizes will be as follows:

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6





This gives us an expected total of 78 pupils across 3 classes although the final numbers are subject to change until the end of the July term.

Our aim has always been to provide classes with approximately equivalent numbers; keep all class sizes to a minimum; and provide equality of access to teacher input for all pupils. Given the numbers in each year group, and the physical sizes of the classrooms the structure of the classes will change slightly from the previous two academic years. As such there will still be 3 classes in KS2 in September as follows:



Kestrels will be year 3 as it has the largest number of pupils 


Mrs Sparks and Mr Honey

Kites will be mixed year 4 and 5 


Mrs Green

Eagles will be mixed year 5 and 6 pupils.


Mrs Goodchild

 In EYFS and KS1 we will continue to have the following structure:



Owls will be mixed Reception and year 1


Miss Holt

Buzzards will be mixed year 1 and 2


Mrs Tyzack

For the well-being of all pupils, the decision will not be made on academic ability, but will be based primarily on age, gender balance and the professional judgement of the staff. Notification of each individual child’s class for September will be sent home with pupil reports on the 13th July. (Please note under the new General Data Protection Regulations guidance, (GDPR) we can no longer send home full class lists.)

 Being in a split year group does not mean that any child has been ‘held back’ or that they are being taught a less challenging curriculum. All our pupils are taught the correct curriculum for their age and stage and our teachers are highly skilled at matching the learning to the needs of individual children. In fact our data for our year 6 leavers for the past two years demonstrates that being a summer born child does not have a negative impact on attainment. 

As always the decisions are made with the best interests of every pupil in our hearts and minds; that we remain fully committed to the personalised, targeted teaching and learning approach which enables mixed-age teaching to be a success; and that all decisions made within school are rooted in our core Christian values.