Kestrels class

Welcome to Kestrels Class! Mrs Sparks teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mr Honey teaches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
We wish you a Happy New Year and would like to thank you for your generous gifts.
Please take a look at our Curriculum Letter which is attached with an outline of homework routines.
Our topic this term is "Helping Hands" and if any of you feel that you are able to help in the classroom or with activities please do contact us.
We have also attached the timetable for the Spring term. Please note that it may be subject to changes. PE now takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays.
7.3.18 All of the children in our class wore amazing outfits for World book Day.
January 12th 2018
Kestrels enjoyed the Perform Workshop based on themes from Oliver today.
Snow Day Learning 
Check your homework folders on EDUCATION CITY where you'll find loads of activities for maths multiplication and division.
There is also a reading comprehension activity on our Christmas Traditions and a mystery to solve using a series of maths clues.
Enjoy your learning!
Mr Honey 
In our music we have been listening to songs about being happy.
Kestrels Class Charter Autumn 2017

Don’t fidget and manage your distractions

We are all different and we respect each other.

Persevere and always try your best

Take chances and learn from your mistakes.

Honest and truthful.

Be polite to all others.

Help each other.

Be positive.

Let others get on with their work.

Make good choices.

Don’t talk when the teacher is speaking but listen.

Don’t call out or leave the room without permission

Follow instructions right away.

Have fun!!

These scissors were used in World War 2 by a German to try to kill X's Great Grandfather!